2016 Raiders’ Player Portraits

Once again, Kim Sokoloff Photography will be doing our individual and team portraits for the 2016-2017 season. Kim has always done an amazing job and we are excited to be able to book three nights with him here at The Rink in November. To follow is the schedule with session times for all 12 teams:

Tuesday, November 8th:
5:00pm Mite Black (McKee) & Mite Red (Pollock)
6:00pm PeeWee A (Murdoch) & PeeWee B (Hood)
8:30pm Bantam AA (Adamski)
9:15pm Midget 16 (Connelly)

Wednesday, November 9th:

6:00pm Mite White (Staffieri) & Squirt B AM (Voice)
7:20pm Squirt B NTL (JR)
8:30pm Bantam A (Tallarida)

Thursday, November 10th:
7:00pm Squirt AA (Rossi)
9:15pm Midget 18 (Moyer)

If you can’t make the allotted time, please make arrangements to go with another team.

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