PeeWee Rosters Released

April 14, 2017

The REVISED rosters for the 2017-2018 season have been released:

Peewee A National
Head Coach: Steve Rossi

Jake Rossi
Freddy Jackson
Dominic Tarsi
Luke Perfidio
Luke Abrams
Jake Stepp
Will Gregorio
Tariq Ginkinger
Kadin Ginkinger
Pat Stelacio
Ryan Zig
Kevin Koles
Kevin Tompokov
Aronne Arehart
Milo Condran
Gavin Nysenzen
Colin Bara

Peewee A American Red
Head Coach: Brian Murdoch

Sam Abramson
Brian Murdoch
Justin Muttreja
Ryan Portner
Ryan Rue
Shane Feidler
Larry Marinuk
Frank Rosenberry
Daniel McCullough
Victor Wilkins
Steven Dorn
Jake Cahill
Sean Doyle
Brian Dolan

Peewee A American White
Head Coach: Dennis Strange

Aiden Craig
Liam Marshall
Chase Strange
Zoe Froimovitz
Mark Rutkowski
Kayla Deletto
Jonathan Lala
Michael Romano
Jack Raebiger
Jack Colfer
Francis Stamchek
Jack Unger

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