Yes, we’re the OYR on “The Goldbergs”

Yes, we’re the OYR on “The Goldbergs”

Each of the local rinks boast about some player that maybe touched their ice once or twice and suited up for an NHL game here and there…but how many local rinks or teams have been referenced (and even featured) on a hit, prime-time, ABC sitcom? Just one to our knowledge… Old York Road!

The show’s creator, Adam Goldberg, and his brother Barry Goldberg (aka Big Tasty) both played for Old York Road. Our humble old barn is mentioned in a few episodes, but prominently featured in Season One, Episode 17 of the show, “Lame Gretzky.”


“Series mastermind Adam F. Goldberg not only grew up in Jenkintown, he incorporates much of the quirky borough and the surrounding area into his critically acclaimed sitcom, which resides in the fashionably challenged ’80s.

Kremp Florists, Willow Grove Park and the Rink at Old York Road have been part of “The Goldbergs” storylines.

During an ice hockey scene last season, Goldberg even nailed the colors of the Old York Road Raiders.” (SOURCE)

The Rink at Old York Road and the Old York Road Raiders would like to thank Adam Goldberg and the show creators for sending us the jersey that Sean Giambrone (aka young Adam Goldberg) wore in his hockey debut on the show against Chestnut Hill.


This will soon be seen hanging in our warm room…


The real Adam Goldberg in his Old York Road Skating Club jersey:


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